Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about our services, or if you need support, please visit our showroom today.

Q: What are the characteristics of Magicseal insect screen?

A: The insect screens of Magicseal are of high quality sealing and workmanships. It is designed to block dust, insects and small animals. We take pride in our products as it is convenient to clean and it does not destroy the structure of windows or doors while maintaining great quality control. It will bring a comfort living environment, nice scenery without worrying about mosquito’s bites.

Q: Is the installation of Magicseal insect screen complicated? Will there be any damage to the house structure or interior decoration?

A: The Magicseal insect screen installation is simple and convenient. It only needs a reliable rubber magnet to fix the insect screen on the doors or windows. There is no need to drill any holes in the windows and doors frame and will not damage any house structure or interior decoration.

Q: After the Magicseal insect screen is installed, will it affect ventilation and natural lighting?

A: Magicseal insect screen will not affect ventilation and natural lightings. The fiberglass of insect screens is imported from US Phifer Company. It uses a special tensioning technique which makes the screens almost invisible and will not affect ventilation or natural lightings. On the other hand, it helps to block dust and ensure a better living environment too.

Q: Would the Magicseal insect screen match my interior decoration?

A: We offer a wide range of colours to match any interior decoration. Screens: The screen has two colours which are black and gray. These two colours are able to match any colour of doors and windows and are not easy to get dirty. Door Frame and Window Frame: Can be customised to match any colour.

Q: Is the size of Magicseal insect screen fixed? Would the size of Magicseal insect screen mismatch my windows size?

A: The size of Magicseal insect screen is not fixed and can be customized to any window size. Just inform us the size of your window and we will customize a suitable insect screen that matches perfectly on your window that will not affect any interior decorations.

Q: Is the Magicseal insect screen able to install on any type of window?

A: Yes. The Magicseal insect screen can be installed on any types of windows like aluminium alloy windows, plastic windows, wooden windows and steel windows etc. There is no need to drill any hole in the door and window frames.

Q: How long can the Magicseal insect screen last?

A: Magicseal insect screen can be used for more than 10 years under normal circumstances.

Q: Would the rubber magnet get distorted after long period of usage? Will it fall off due to demagnetization?

A: No. The ferromagnetic rubber magnet of Magicseal insect screen is import from Japan and it does not distort or lose magnetism even after long period of usage. Furthermore, the multi-pole magnet provides better grip to ensure magnetic screen will not fall off.

Q: If the Magicseal insect screen is stained with grease or dirt, will it be difficult to clearn and maintain? Will it affect the magnetism after it is clean?

A: Cleaning of insect screen is easy. You can use standard detergent with tap water, gently scrub with cloth and rinse with water. General cleaning will not affect magnetism.


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