Benefits of Magicseal

Here are the list Benefits of Magicseal.
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36 month written warranty

No insects can get passed the magnetic seal

Matching colour to suit your home décor

Easy to remove and clean

⊕ Eliminates the need to use ozone depleting fly sprays and CFC’s
⊕ No more hassles trying to remove rigid screens and breaking them
⊕ Rigid screens are bulky and unsightly
⊕ Rigid screens are normally only available in standard colours
⊕ Wide range of uses – domestic homes, boats, restaurants, high rise apartments, caravans, hospitals, army camps, rucks and cars etc
⊕ 9 standard colours, also available in British Standard colour using our unique colouring technique

⊕ Magicseal Insect Screens installable on: Full height window, Iron grille, Casement window, Push out window, Sliding door, Bi-fold door
⊕ No damage to your window/door. Invisible after installation
⊕ 100% seal to keep out all insects
⊕ Simple and convenient to use


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