About MagicSeal

Magicseal Screen Sdn. Bhd. is a licensed manufacturer and installer of premium quality magnetic insect screens, imported from New Zealand.
We are a company with a design led and market driven philosophy which constantly innovates and improve the Magnetic Insect Screen.

Magicseal was first established in New Zealand in 1987, where this unique screening solution was invented and developed. Magicseal continues to operate its Head Office and manufacturing facilities from Christchurch, New Zealand. Through the support of Magicseal agents and customers Worldwide, who appreciate the quality and simplicity our products, Magicseal has constantly expanded its market share and become a World market leader in our industry.

The Company continues to design and develop new and improved quality products for your home, office or business.
Our sole intention is to make any living space that utilises our products, a better place to live in.

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Our Prominent Customer

⊕ Peacehaven Nursing Home for the Aged, owned by the salvation Army in Changi
⊕ Singapore High Commission Complex in Yangon
⊕ Singapore High Commission Complex in Brunei
⊕ U.S. Air force, 497th Combat training Squadron
⊕ NUS Kent Vale Lecturer’s Apartment
⊕ NUS Department of Microbiology
⊕ Angsana Resort and Spa at Bintan
⊕ H.P.L at Bhutan Resort
⊕ Temasek Polytechnic
⊕ Changi Sailing Club
⊕ NTUC Resort
⊕ Istana

⊕ Changi Prison
⊕ COSTA Sand Resort
⊕ Singapore Turf Club
⊕ NTU Students Hostels
⊕ Tan Tock Seng Hospital
⊕ SAFTI Military Institute
⊕ Banyan Tree Seychelles
⊕ Trinity Theological College
⊕ Army camp complex in Mandai
⊕ JJ Drinks Manufacturing Pte Ltd
⊕ Sunrider Singapore Manufacturing Pte Ltd
⊕ Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Inc.


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