Magicseal Plissé

A stylish alternative, suitable for bigger openings and areas, such as balconies, Our Magicseal Plissé range stows away easily
for easy storage and cleaning. The Plissé stow away system provides easy access to large openings, befitting that of a Resort Home.

Suitable for large homes the Magicseal Plissé can also be installed in homes looking for an elegant awning
and gateway onto the front or back terrace. This well-designed alternative
for verandas is the perfect ensemble for traditional pane glass sliding doors.

Gives You the Benefits of a Style

A product, which gives you the benefit of a style, our Magicseal Plissé range can dissect the screen door on any home ready for a facelift. The fuss-free instalment is a must have for homes with accessible openings, such as; porches; verandas; balconies and terraces.

The Magicseal Plissé is one of our stand-alone products, one ready for the ultimate test. Those looking for a screening option with style, this is the product you are looking for. As it is a compliment to Magicseals’ range of screening products, our Plissé would defnintely benefit your home in functional and design apsects.

Keeping out Pests and Dust

Signatory to all our other designs the Magicseal Plissé also copes well in keeping out pests and dust, making for less cleaning and all round traditional safety.
The rigid design work makes this product another one in a line of practical and well-designed products.

WE are pleased to inform you that the best way to illustrate the capabilities of this stylish feature is to have one installed for yourself. Nothing beats authenticity.


So give us a call today for a free, no obligations quote. Our Sales Advisors will be on hand to help make the primary measurements, prior to the installation process, where you would be taking the first step of making your home a healthier environment for your family.

At Magicseal, we pride ourselves in making your home a cleaner and greener place to live in, keeping pests out, but allowing the fresh air in. Protecting You, While You Enjoy The View.