Technical Specs

This is a short list of our  Technical Specs. For more information about our services, or if you need support, please visit our showroom today.


The frame of the screen consists of plastic designer strips with the mesh laminated between the designer strip and the magnetic strip. These materials are bonded by a special process under pressure.


⊕ UV stabilized, chemically coloured PVC strip
⊕ Unaffected by ultraviolet light, household detergents and has very good resistance against solvents
⊕ Standard colours – Bronze(brown), silver(grey), black & white. Other colours possible – full British standard colour range and composite colours. Guaranteed a close match with surrounding deco


⊕ 18 x 16 fibreglass strands, vinyl coated, flexible and non-combustible which will not rust, rot, corrode, shrink, scratch or stain.
⊕ Standard colour – Silver grey. Other colours available – Charcoal(black), Bronze.

Magicseal uses the PHIFER BetterVue® netting that provides the highest level of visibility and protection compared to other nets in the same range.

⊕ Improved visibility (iVis)
⊕ 33% improved insect protection with smaller opening
⊕ 10% improved sunlight transmittance
⊕ Improved wind-load rating (passed 100mph wind tunnel test (FBC 100-95))
⊕ Passed accelerated weathering results mesh (QUV 1200hrs and Xenon Arc 2500 Kjs)
⊕ GREENGUARD® certified
⊕ Infused with MICROBAN® antimicrobial protection

Magicseal also carries other products from PHIFER to suit specific needs and requirements.


⊕ Blocks up to 70% heat and glare from the sun
⊕ GREENGUARD® certified
⊕ Best choice for keeping homes well lit by sunlight yet cool


⊕ Heavy-duty screen, made of vinyl-coated polyester
⊕ Improved resistance against damage by pets
⊕ Infused with MICROBAN® antimicrobial protection
⊕ Best choice for homes with pets


⊕ Improved protection against smaller insects
⊕ Provides daytime privacy
⊕ Best choice for protection against tiny insects



Permanently magnetized, single-surfaced, strontium ferrite rare earth strip magnetized with multiple poles. The magnet is unaffected by household detergents.

Magicseal uses only the 3M™ VHB™ Adhesive Transfer Tape F9473PC for the installation of your insect screen. The tape is specifically designed for high performance applications on gasket attachment, metal fabrication, brake pads, LED back planes, lighting fixtures and PCB component attachment.

Product Information:
⊕ 3M™ VHB™ Adhesive Transfer Tape F9473PC
⊕ Adhesive Family: 100 MP High Performance Acrylic
⊕ Adhesive Thickness: 0.26mm (0.010in.)
⊕ Density: 0.04lb/in³ (0.98g/cm³)
⊕ Liner: 58# polycoated Kraft 0.004in. (0.10mm)
⊕ Insist on the 3M™ VHB™ F9473PC during the installation!

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